Hi there! I'm Elizabeth. Welcome to my little corner of the food universe. 

I've been happily married for 5 years to a man with a teenager's appetite.  I live in Boston but I'm from Virginia and it's been an interesting journey adjusting to New England culture, mainly because it's hard to find iced tea anywhere and when you're friendly to folks they usually think you're going to rob them.  That said, there are some wonderful people here and the city has some of the best food I've tasted so I think I'll stick around for awhile.

In my work life, I am project manager in higher education.  In my home life I love to cook, feed people, and scheme about ways I can eventually go to cooking school.  

Dishing up Delicious is all about food that is easy to make and hard to forget. I don't want to share every recipe I come across, I want to share the amazing recipes I have discovered and continue to use time and time again.  You know, the ones you actually have time to make.  Trendy can be fun, and sometimes I do take a walk on the wild side but in the end, I'll take tried and true deliciousness any day! 

I love to experiment in photography, food, and writing. There are no mind-blowing tablescapes here, no specially selected dessert spoons for a particular photoshoot, no magazine food styling tricks. Mainly because I'm too hungry at that point. Or too lazy.

So here I am, armed with just my own dishes (I'm newly obsessed with Fiestaware) my amateur camera skills and my own appetite. Let's dig in!

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